Midwifery care for a lifetime of wellness

why choose a midwife

Midwives are With Woman for a lifetime

Midwives provide care to women throughout the lifespan. They offer well woman care throughout a woman's entire lifetime, as well as comprehensive care during pregnancy, labor and birth and provide postpartum and newborn care. In choosing a midwife for your health needs, you are choosing a health care provider who specializes in the caring for the needs of normal, healthy women throughout all stages of her life.

As specialists in normal women's health, midwives are able to provide highly personalized care to women of all ages and from all walks of life. From setting up a first well woman visit in a gentle and respectful environment, to ensuring feminine health in the post-menopausal years, midwifery offers woman-centered care to women of all ages.

Midwifery care during pregnancy

In most of the world, midwives are the primary care practitioners for low risk, healthy women having healthy pregnancies. In many countries women can go for their entire lives without ever needing the care of an obstetrician/gynecologist. The midwifery model of care views pregnancy and birth as normal conditions of healthy women of childbearing age. By focusing on low risk, healthy pregnancies, midwives offer low intervention care with a highly personalized level of service. With prenatal care visits averaging 45 minutes in length, and birth attended by the same care provider for the duration of labor and the immediate postpartum period, women are empowered to give birth to their children in a way that matches their unique situations and values.

Midwifery care is personal

Midwives attend to each woman individually. Children can come to prenatal or well women visits. We love them! Partners, friends and family members are also welcome in the office. At home, we are aware that it is your home and that we are the guests. Let us know how we can help you get what you need from your visit.

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