Local Care Midwifery, PLLC is proud to offer the following Midwifery Services:

Well Woman Care

Gynecological care — most women consider this at best, something they have to do, and at worst, well, much worse. Now imagine looking forward to your annual exam, knowing that you were going to be listened to, that you were going to be treated well. For years, Michelle has heard from clients that they actually look forward to their yearly exams, Pap smear and all. She considers this high praise indeed! LCM is an in network/participating provider with CDPHP, and a variety of payment options exist for those with other insurance carriers or situations. Call for a discussion of options, 518 238-3469.

Planned Home Birth

Since 2009, Local Care Midwifery has made planned home birth a safe, reasonable, accessible and successful option for families in the Capital District. Over 98% of LCM clients that start labor planning to deliver at home have a vaginal birth, and 95% deliver at home as they planned.
Think planned home birth might be for you? LCM offers free consults for those considering home birth. Call 518 238-3469 to schedule a consult.

Planned Hospital Birth

Local Care Midwifery, PLLC offers midwifery care in Planned Hospital Births at Bellevue Women’s Hospital in Niskayuna, New York. Women may choose to birth in a hospital due to personal preference or because of specific medical or social conditions prevent them from birthing at home. K Michelle Doyle has independent admitting privileges with Bellevue, which means that LCM patients planning a hospital birth can receive full midwifery care with Michelle, and have immediate access to Bellevue’s facilities including its Level II Perinatal Center, if needed.

Preconception Counseling

It is a great privilege to meet with a woman for a preconception consult. I always think, "What a lucky baby to have such a prepared and welcoming mother. Local Care Midwifery, PLLC offers complimentary preconception consults for women (or couples) considering planned home birth for a future pregnancy. At such a consult, we review the basics of planned home birth, the services offered by Local Care Midwifery, PLLC and the individual woman's/couple's health concerns, habits and lifestyle. If you are considering pregnancy and considering planned home birth, please call us for a preconception consult. We would be honored spend an hour with you. Call 518 238-3469 to make an appointment. Here is a blog post that Michelle wrote concerning preconception visits:Preconception Consults: My Favorite Enjoy!

Lactation Support

LCM is committed to supporting families who chose to breastfeed. Our midwives offer individual consultations, assessment, education and hands-on care for all breastfeeding concerns. This includes prenatal education, assistance for new mother's and babies, information community resources, and Craniosacral therapy for infants. Lactation support is available separate from or integrated into midwifery care.

BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapy

At Local Care Midwifery, Craniosacral Therapy is available separate from or integrated into midwifery care. BCST is a gentle, hands-on treatment for the whole body, focusing on the nervous system. BCST may be useful for headaches, pain relief, stress relief, and supporting general well-being. Find more information on BCST here.

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