We specialize in Planned Home Birth Services

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Why homebirth?

Homebirth offers a woman a great sense of empowerment. Surrounded by supportive people of her own choosing in a comfortable, familiar environment, a woman may express her natural and individual responses to labor. In addition, when labor and birth occur in the home, there is less interruption of family routines. Laboring women can choose how to involve their children in the birth experience. Children, making their adjustments to new roles in the family, are not challenged with a lengthy absence of their mothers. Staying home to birth eliminates the difficult decision about when to go to the hospital or birth center during labor. Breastfeeding and family bonding are uninterrupted in their most natural setting.

Is homebirth safe?

We have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure your safety, and comfort. The midwives bring emergency equipment, such as oxygen and medications, to the home. In any birth setting, whether at home or in the hospital, emergencies can arise. Some unforeseen events may result in an unexpected outcome. However, most studies on home birth safety have shown that home birth is at least as safe as hospital birth for healthy, low risk women. Women who give birth at home experience far fewer interventions and express greater satisfaction with their birth experience than comparable low risk women who choose obstetrical and hospital care for pregnancy and birth.

What if I need to transfer care?

At any time, based on approved client care criteria, it may be better for you and your baby to have your care provided in another setting. Physicians are available for consultation and/or transfer of care. If transfer to a physician or hospital becomes necessary, this will be discussed with you and your records will be made available to the consulting physician and/or hospital. In an emergency, transfer to the most appropriate or nearest hospital will be made. Our midwife will go with you. K. Michelle Doyle has admitting privileges at Bellevue and can provide hospital midwifery there. At other hospitals, she will no longer be medically responsible for your care but she will continue to offer supportive care including advocacy. If transport occurs during labor, the midwives will resume postpartum care following hospital birth and discharge.

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