More is not always better, even with Folic Acid

Prenatal vitamins are important to taking every day as soon as you know you are pregnant, right? Um... Maybe not. Excessive intake of folic acid and Vit B12 may actually increase the risk of serious issues including autism.

MedScape Medical News Troubling Gap in Hospitals' Obstetric Complication Rates

This article is about the need for feedback to hospitals about their rates of OB complications compared to others. What I took away from this article from it is absolute horror that US hospitals are doing so poorly.

Genetic tests for the unborn

An article in Medscape discusses the cutting edge of prenatal genetic tesing. Since fetal DNA is in the maternal blood stream during pregnancy, it is theoretically possible to test for various disorders in the unborm human. A maternal blood test for the presence of Down Syndrome in the fetus is currently available (MaterniT 21). It looks like more noninvasive genetic testing is on the horizon.

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