Two Realities

My friend, Ellen Harris-Braun has cancer, More and more her life is science fiction incarnate.

Who needs butter: Vanilla Ice Cream

After a lifetime of eating dairy, cooking with dairy, baking with dairy, I am realizing that I am likely allergic to dairy. Boo hoo! Always one to make lemonade when handed lemons (even better if they are Meyer), I created this (dairy-free) Vanilla Ice Cream recipe.

I am a midwife on vacation

K. Michelle Doyle, home birth attending midwife, shares some thoughts about vacation, being off call, and walking more than 20 feet from her phone.


Midwife K. Michelle Doyle writes about losing and regaining healthy habits.

LCM 2015 Report Card

K. Michelle Doyle reflects on the LCM Stats for 2015

LCM Stats for 2015

Information on Local Care Midwifery's practice outcomes for 2015 as calculated by MANA Stats Project.

LCM Planned Home Birth Stats for 2014

Since the beginning of Local Care Midwifery, I have participated in Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) Statistics project and the American College of Nurse Midwives Benchmarking. Here are the 2014 stats.

Midwifery, Mothering & Fish Chowder

This dish is warm, healthy and satisfying, kinda like good midwifery care. Hope you enjoy.

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