Just Breathe

Lately it seems that there is so much violence, hatred, and discord in the world: it is overwhelming. So what do I do? I breathe. I just breathe (with a lovely, coherent twist...)

Best Hard Boiled Egg Ever

For my birthday, I recieved an electric pressure cooker from my kids and my lovely sister. Yes, I am the person that can find excitement in an appliance.

The Thank You Nurses Award 2016

This year, Michelle was one of three winners in a national contest, the Pampers and AWHONN Thank You Nurses Award.

Golden Spread: whoneedsbutter

Warning: If you do not like mayonnaise or nutritional yeast, please do not read further.


Everyone needs to get hot, sweaty and out of breath. The trick is finding an activity that will get you there, and that you love. I have found mine: call me crazy, but I love to mow.

More is not always better, even with Folic Acid

Prenatal vitamins are important to taking every day as soon as you know you are pregnant, right? Um... Maybe not. Excessive intake of folic acid and Vit B12 may actually increase the risk of serious issues including autism.

Eggs are NOT Dairy: Southwestern Remoulade

For some this is hard to believe but eggs are NOT a dairy product: here are a few thoughts on that PLUS a quick and delicious recipe for an enhanced mayo

Other Mothers' Day

Mother's Day happens every year in May. Yet, Other Mothers' Day happens every day in the bodies, heart and souls of women everywhere. On the Friday before Mother's Day, let us at least give a loving nod, an acknowledgement however brief to acknowledge these other mothers.. (I first published this piece in May 2013 but it somehow slipped off the inter webs.)

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