Coconut Rich Cake

These days so many things are free-gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free... Well, not this cake. It is rich! Rich with sugar, gluten, and most importantly -coconut! I made it dairy-free but it would be easy to substitute butter for coconut oil and 'regular' sweetened condensed milk for the coconut one that I use. This cake is really good. I mean, it is really, really good. Moist, flavorful, delicate crumb, pleasantly gooey, sweet but not too sweet. Perfect for Passover or Easter.

Our Daily Bread: A Recipe

Give us this day our daily bread... At our house, bread is daily nourishment. The making of this bread is also a fulfilling creative outlet for me. Want to have delicious, crispy-crusted, soft centered, makes-your-whole-house-smell-good bread? Then make it. It's easy. I promise.

Eggs are NOT Dairy: Southwestern Remoulade

For some this is hard to believe but eggs are NOT a dairy product: here are a few thoughts on that PLUS a quick and delicious recipe for an enhanced mayo

Midwifery, Mothering & Fish Chowder

This dish is warm, healthy and satisfying, kinda like good midwifery care. Hope you enjoy.

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