LCM Fall Open House

Baby Abigail Grace Update

Update on Baby Abby

LCM's 9th Birthday!

Today is Local Care Midwifery's 9th birthday and the beginning of our 10th year. Can you believe it? Our doors open 8/3/2009 and the first LCM Baby was born just a few weeks later. Now we are up to 254!

Midwife on vacation 2018

This post was originally written on April 1 2016 (and not an April's Fools joke:-) On vacation again (gasp!), I updated the post for 2018. Vacation, simple time off, is important for everyone. Especially for midwives...

Beat the Heat? More like Survive the Swelter

Ok folks a big, long, nasty hot spell is arriving as I type. The forecast puts us above 90 degrees every day in the next week. Here are some requests, suggestions and miscellaneous tips to help you survive the swelter.

BANI Childbirth Classes Offered the summer

LCM is offering Birth as Nature Intended classes this summer. We have a few spots left. Please contact us if you are interested.

Postpartum Rest and Recovery: My Recipe

Postpartum, the time after birth, is a period of change and integration where rest and recovery are necessary. Mother and baby are the obvious focus of postpartum care but not the only ones that need extra recovery time. Birth workers, family members and friends that were involved in the birth also need postpartum rest and recovery. Here is my recipe for readiness and postpartum recovery.

Chocolate Bites

Here is a recipe for a quick, easy and delicious treat. They are so quick and easy, we made them, froze them, and ate them at LCM Moms & More this week, all while half a dozen moms chatted, four babies nursed, and a gazillion toddlers/preschoolers ran around in circles. Try these. They are yummy!

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