LCM Stats 2016

Better late than never? It is mid March 2017 and I am just posting the 2016 Local Care Midwifery Stats. The quick report: 32 birth, 97% Vaginal Delivery rate/ 3% C/S rate. Open the post for more details.

Butternut Squash Soup with Walnut Gremolata

Anyone who has visited my kitchen in the last six months knows that I am obsessed with my Instant Pot (and they would agree that 'obsessed' is not too strong a word). This recipe is super easy, tasty, nutrious, can be easily converted to vegetarian/vegan, and allows me to play with my Instant Pot. Yay!

Death Comes For Ellen

My friend Ellen is dead, cremated, memorialized. How do you go on when you experience a huge loss? How do you grieve and live at the same time? How do you offer, and receive, condolence?

Surreal moment of life, death, midwives and Facebook

My midwife Vicki Wolfrum has died...

Planned Home Birth in the hospital

Planned home births sometimes become planned hospital births. Here is a photographic essay of one family's journey to the north of their newest baby.

Eating Together Again

If you have ever seen my FaceBook or Instagram pages, you have seen a lot of food pictures. Not just food, but of food shared and ended -these are photos of meals. In my household, eating together is important. Here is a post I wrote for entitled Eating Together.

Just Breathe

Lately it seems that there is so much violence, hatred, and discord in the world: it is overwhelming. So what do I do? I breathe. I just breathe (with a lovely, coherent twist...)

Best Hard Boiled Egg Ever

For my birthday, I recieved an electric pressure cooker from my kids and my lovely sister. Yes, I am the person that can find excitement in an appliance.

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