Hazel Moon's Birth Story

"“I can't lift that bag of dog food, can you help me please?” I said to the Agway clerk. “I’d carry it myself, but I just had a Cesarean section.” “Congratulations!” said the Agway clerk. Huh? Congratulations?! Oh yes, that's right. I had a baby. She couldn’t see the scars."

Meshele Story of Michael Jon's birth

Planning a home birth doesn't always mean getting a home birth. Some babies need us to make a different plan. Meshele describes her brave journey to a planned home VBAC.

Kevin's Story

Kevin describes his journey to be a homebirth father, supported along the way by Local Care Midwifery, PLLC.

Chrissie & Kiley

"At about 10pm on Monday, January 25th, I was having some pretty regular cramping, so I decided I needed to call my midwife, Michelle. Because of my history of “fast labor,” she came over to check me out. It turned out that I was having contractions, but I was not really dilated too much. At about 3am, Michelle went to bed in our spare room and I went up to my own bed. "

Zhenelle and Tommy

I remember Michelle switching from her thin, flimsy latex gloves to her "serious baby-catching gloves". I remember asking her, gasping for air between contractions, "where are we?" and the excitement I felt when she made a chestnut sized oval with her fingers to show me how much of your head she could see.

Cary & Jesse

I was lucky to have an easy, healthy pregnancy and to have found Michelle to help me with this homebirth. Throughout the pregnancy we talked about labor, what to expect, and about Michelle’s experiences assisting others. My first birth had also been midwife-attended, but was in a hospital, and did not at all work out as I had hoped.

Nicole & Margot

"Next, I remember one of the midwives saying she could see hair from the baby’s head. I knew we were closer and got excited, thinking the birth was going to be soon, but it wasn’t. I still worked even harder during the contraction. I took a deep breath and pushed along side the contraction, took another deep breath and pushed hard, then took another breath and pushed what energy I had left to the end of the contraction."

Mandy & Zeta

My due date was 1/23 and this was my first pregnancy. I had it in my head that I needed to have the baby before 2/3 because I wanted her to be born during the Year of the Tiger (the Chinese calendar). Mind you, I am not Chinese, nor do I particularly believe in the Chinese calendar. But the placemat at my favorite Chinese restaurant showed that the Tiger sign matched my husband's and my sign. You can't get more random than that. It was a tangible goal nonetheless.

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